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BE seen, BE heard and BE remembered just by BEing you!

Hi, I’m Devenia Besant (but you can call me Dee!)…

…I work with Independent and Small Business Owners giving support and guidance to help you create the right VISIBILITY for your business. When you are growing a business it can be hard juggling many balls without support, direction, accountability, ideas and the chance to brainstorm.

I’m known for being extremely visible with everything I do and I really want this for you too. It is so important that you don’t get left behind. As someone that also “juggles’ or Justle’s as I like to call it, I understand I really do and it is my mission to inspire and motivate those who want to kick ass, be SEEN be HEARD and be REMEMBERED for doing what you do best.

I will take you from not knowing how or where to start, to feeling confident in marketing your business in the right places to the right people. All of this can be achieved by confidently being you!

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    “When I first met Dee I was blown away. How does she do it? A business woman, networking supremo and a mother of 3 lively kids, ball juggling like the Wimbledon finals. I instantly knew she would be someone amazing for me to work with. The difference was, I wouldn’t be working with her. She would be working with me. Dragging my hermit crab backside into the world of ‘being seen, heard and remembered.’ As a coach and trainer, dealing with emotional issues, intimate problems, people’s failings and deep ‘stuff’, I thought I was ready but for me, stepping out there and pushing myself into visibility was a big thing. I needed guidance, support to make it happen. Dee and her subtle yet firm persistence has got me moving. Dee has helped me conquer major visibility hurdles and flesh out my business to stop me playing small. I have learnt so much about social media and how to show up as my authentic self. Dee has held me accountable, introduced me to some amazing potential JV partners and even managed to get me doing video. I had that on my to do list for 2 years! She really understands what it is like to build a business amidst the chaos of the real world. I am now in a space where I have clarity and strategy to drive my business forward.”

    Emily Jane Harbrecht - Mind Tools for Kids.
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    “Having been recommended the Visibility Program by a friend, I can honestly say it’s been one of the best things I’ve done. Having got completely distracted in 2015, I really wanted to focus on 2016 and growing my business. Devenia’s program has made me do just that and in a very focused way, giving me tools and inspiration for the rest of the year. Dee is a great support and her personal touch really makes it seem like you are working with a friend from the get go. If you need some inspiration or are looking to take your business to the next level then I would definitely recommend!”

    Fay Louise Stephenson - Henry Fred & Felicity
  • Do you have a business that you love but feel invisible to your target audience?
  • Do you struggle to come up with new fresh ideas that are going to get you noticed and attract new clients?
  • Do you feel like you’re being visible but not getting seen?
  • Do you lack confidence to make yourself visible?
  • Do you spend your time watching everyone else be visible wishing it was you?

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