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Why Your Business Needs Video!

In this day and age it’s pretty impossible to not recognise video as a source of entertainment or information. Moving images have been popular for a long time now and the advancement in equipment since the late 1800’s when photographer Eadweard Muybridge created the first moving images in real time with his piece ‘Horse in… Read more »

Hustle & Juggle – The Good, Bad and the Ugly!

Have you or are you growing your business whilst juggling other commitments? i.e. family, a “day” job or anything else making you juggle your time? or perhaps you have or are battling an illness. I’m looking for entrepreneurs who want to share their story of their Hustle & Juggle – The Good, Bad and the… Read more »

Why My Boots Mean Business

My boots mean business to me! A few weeks back I’d been ill for a few days and had quite enough, I wanted to get back to work, so I decided enough was enough and got dressed. “I thought you were ill, where are you going?” my husband said to me. I think he thought… Read more »

Supporting Friends in Business Means the World

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a very long time and more so now for 2 reasons: Firstly, having spent some time with a group of entrepreneurs who felt let down by their closest friends due to lack of support when it came to one of their passions in life – their business…. Read more »

Only by Being in Love With Your Business Will You Succeed!

What’s the one thing that if you could go back and tell/ask yourself when you first started in business what would it be? If I could go back I would like to ask myself if I really really loved what I was about to do, you see when I first stepped into the entrepreneurial world… Read more »

The Reason Why Service Should Always Be Done With a Smile

I’m writing this having just returned from a holiday with my family. A much needed break – a chance for quality time with our 3 children, a chance to be spoilt with great service, a lovely setting and delicious meals – everything you would expect from a 5* resort. When we first arrived it seemed… Read more »