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A couple of weeks ago before a business seminar I had an opportunity to meet Dee Besant and POW…! The Brand Identity Queen meets The Visibility Queen… and yes we are ready to right all wrongs!

Have you been tasked with a challenge to become more visible online. Like me, I was too scared to post anything online and become more visible, because I thought it would not be good enough and would worry about people’s opinions.

Social media is becoming more and more the way forward to engage with your audience and the fastest way to communicate your brand message to the world. There is a countless array of internet based tools and platforms that increase and enhance the sharing of information such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. It is a powerful marketing tool for your business where consistency is key. It is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get information out to the entire planet ‘with a click’ of a button! So why are so many businesses giving out mixed messages both with their offline and online brand presence?

You have a strong product or service, but does your branding do it justice? Does it portray your personality, values and work ethos?

Here are a few key points to give your brand consistency online. Remember, you are targeting a mass audience, so having a consistent brand will make you stand out from the herd and attract your ideal audience and potential future clients.

  • Create a brand template for your posts and newsletters

    Always design with branding in mind. To be visible you are posting regularly, so why not set yourself up a template, not only will you have consistency by utilising the same template, but in the long run it will also save you time and money. Try to use the same style of imagery that works for your brand each time, thus giving a clear and authentic brand look that feels unique to you. Your audience will remember you and link up with your previous posts. You become recognisable.
  • Establish a personality for your brand
    Have a distinctive tone of voice for your brand. People choose to follow you because they like the way your brand comes across with it’s unique style of copyrighting and visuals – giving it personality. 

Yes, you guessed it, I am a Mini fan. We have had vintage Mini Clubman’s and BMW Mini’s in the family throughout my childhood so I have grown up with them. It all started with one line “It’s a Mini Adventure” and over the years the brand has become bigger and stronger all through it’s authentic advertising, strong images and catchy one liners. They know their target audience, they have a unique way of appealing to everyone, it targets the fun element in people and what they love. However much the Mini has changed over the years, the branding has always remained authentic and transparent to the product and it’s values. They have built up trust and are always highly visual both online and on the road!
    Mini branding
  • Set the visual standard

    Do you have brand style guides for your brand identity? Do you know your brand fonts, colour palette and image styling? Any passionate graphic designer or brand specialist will advise and provide you with strong brand guidelines on artwork. Make sure your logo positioning is always consistent, it’s fundamental. If all these elements are consistent, there is no reason, no matter what platform you are utilising, your brand will become more recognisable, powerful and gain trust – making you more visible.
  • Always be consistent
    It takes time to create a consistent, credible brand that has a lasting impression, so when you know you have hit the nail on the head, stick with it. If it’s working for you and it’s attracting your ideal client, then don’t waiver. Constantly changing your brand image will only make you less credible and visible! Everything you put out there with a consistently strong brand will give you more recognition that your brand deserves. This is all due to becoming a more ‘stand out’ business with a brand that stands out from the herd in the market.

Our message to you… Involve everybody that knows you and loves you and get them to like and share your posts. Surround yourself with positive people, don’t let negativity get in the way of promoting your business. You never know just one share could lead to your next prospect.

Be brave, be consistent with your branding and start posting! Build a highly visible business online as well as offline and stand out from the herd.

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Written by Katie Bell

Katie is known as The Brand Identity Queen and specialises in creating powerful brand identities for successful businesses.


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