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Are You Glued To Your Laptop?

Are you attached to your laptop so much that your missing opportunities? Whilst we are in an on-line world and spending so much time on social networking sites marketing our businesses it’s getting easier to forget about off-line marketing activities! So are you neglecting your off-line visibility? I’m interested to know are you or have… Read more »

Are You a Hashtag and Emojioholic?

Who doesn’t love an emoji or a hashtag to get their point across on social media posts or to help your posts be seen?  They are a great way to add emotion to your content or to help your content be found, however it’s very easy to get carried away with using both.  Here’s some… Read more »

Self Promotion – Go For it!

Self Promotion – Go For it! As I work and speak to more independent business owners / solopreneurs it is still apparent that one of the biggest problems faced, especially when starting out is fear of self promotion across social media or networking events – mainly: Worry about what others think Worry about getting it… Read more »

Pick Me Pick Me!

I posted the below yesterday in my business group Hustle and Juggle – the good, the bad and the Ugly but thought I would share on blog too as I’m sure there are others this could help…anyway here goes don’t be the one to make this mistake… “I posted in a couple of groups today looking… Read more »

It’s Ok to Look Back!

I am  writing this as my cousin recently invited me on a Spa day and all I could think of were excuses as to why I shouldn’t go.   It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go, I absolutely love spending time with her, it would also be time with my “big” sister and another friend… Read more »

According to Facebook All You Need is Love (and not Likes!)

According to Facebook All You Need is Love (and not Likes!) Yes yes Valentine’s was last month and I personally received an abundance of love from my 3 kiddies and husband (and our furry friends), pretty standard stuff – cards, chocolates and hugs – doesn’t take much to keep this girl happy! Anyway you’re probably… Read more »

10 Dream it, Do it…Justle™ Quotes From Those That Hustle & Juggle!

I’ve featured some fantastic business owners in a series of Hustle & Juggle (aka Justle™) interviews, here are some Dream it, Do it…Justle™ quotes from them that are helping them and others to SHOW UP and remain VISIBLE in business. Here goes: 1. There is NO failure – only success and learning.  Be the best YOU… Read more »

It’s Time to Reveal Yourself!

It’s Time to Reveal Yourself! Will showing your personality and behind the scenes help your visibility? Yes Yes it will! There’s so much noise with everyone and anyone trying to sell you something via Social Media, it really can be hard to stand out!  One of the best ways to build up like and trust… Read more »

Social Media Explained with a Huge Tasty Burger!

Social Media Explained with a Huge Tasty Burger!!! A simple breakdown on how you should say it and where! Now are you currently saying it the right way but in the wrong place or are you in the right place but saying it the wrong way on your social media platforms? Arrrrgh – scratching your head… Read more »

Your Business Is As Fit And Strong As You Are

Your Business Is As Fit And Strong As You Are! Some of the most successful CEOs in the world keep their fitness levels high. Dick Costolo, 51 year-old CEO of Twitter is into Crossfit workouts. Richard Branson’s tip on how to be more productive is “Work out”. You can read about other CEOs here and… Read more »