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6 Ways That Helps Keep Me Confident

We all have periods of doubt and days where we just feel bleugh, it happens to us all. So I’m sharing with you 6 ways that helps keep me confident and showing up in business #hustleandjuggle – Justle!!! 1. Remember your WHY I know its cliche but I always visit “WHY” I do what I do… Read more »

3 Books I Loved and Recommend!

3 Books I Loved and Recommend! I read some great books in 2016 but these 3 really stood out for me and I highly recommend! What I Know for Sure by Oprah Winfrey I absolutely loved reading this book, I didn’t want to put it down and I certainly didn’t want it to end. What… Read more »

Shoulda Woulda Coulda

SHOULDA WOULDA COULDA It’s a New Year and we are ALL looking at or putting in place new goals for 2017 and if you are looking back at 2016 and thinking: You should have done more live networking but you didn’t feel “ready” then get your elevator pitch sorted and get networking. If you thought you… Read more »

Your Business Is As Fit And Strong As You Are

Your Business Is As Fit And Strong As You Are! Some of the most successful CEOs in the world keep their fitness levels high. Dick Costolo, 51 year-old CEO of Twitter is into Crossfit workouts. Richard Branson’s tip on how to be more productive is “Work out”. You can read about other CEOs here and… Read more »

Nurture it and watch it grow UP!

What you nurture is what will grow…..So much truth right there! I’m writing from the heart right now after watching my daughter win her first 2 sporting medals, 1 first prize for competing in her very first gymnastics competition something she truly loves and the other from a sporting event with her school. It’s been… Read more »

Use What Scares You to Make You Stronger!

Having just been for a run (I’ve got some fitness goals I’m attending to!) I felt the need to write! You see 3 quarters of my way through my run I was starting to feel tired it had been a long day of hustle and juggle and at that moment of wanting to give up I was… Read more »