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Go For Gold With Organic Reach!

⭐️ GO FOR GOLD WITH ORGANIC REACH! ⭐️ Every week we hear of more Facebook changes, you can either love or hate them but Facebook is here to stay and there is no denying that it is a great social media platform to reach your target audience either organically, through paid targeted advertising or via… Read more »

Have You Found Yourself in Facebook Jail?

Tut Tut Tut have you found yourself if Facebook Jail recently or are you now scared to post in groups for fear or finding yourself handcuffed and unable to post for a period of time? I think it’s fair to say that Facebook and it’s users are bored of what is now deemed as “spammy”… Read more »

National Toast Day? Whoever Knew!

These days, there’s a day for everything and yes there is a National Toast Day it’s the 23rd February, don’t want you losing sleep wondering when it is!!! National awareness days can be an excellent Marketing and PR tool for small businesses.  Once the domain of the USA in recent years they’ve become popular across… Read more »

Are You a Hashtag and Emojioholic?

Who doesn’t love an emoji or a hashtag to get their point across on social media posts or to help your posts be seen?  They are a great way to add emotion to your content or to help your content be found, however it’s very easy to get carried away with using both.  Here’s some… Read more »

Self Promotion – Go For it!

Self Promotion – Go For it! As I work and speak to more independent business owners / solopreneurs it is still apparent that one of the biggest problems faced, especially when starting out is fear of self promotion across social media or networking events – mainly: Worry about what others think Worry about getting it… Read more »

Protect Your Personal Brand By Avoiding Social Media Jail!

Protect Your Personal Brand By Avoiding Social Media Jail! Never a truer quote: “Social media is the new permanent record” Whilst you make use of your social media platforms think about how you want to be seen with the followers and connections you are making. We are at a time where we really are mixing business with pleasure… Read more »

Be Clear – Are You Meringue or Are You Bread?

Are You Meringue or Are You Bread? A rather random question I know but today I sent my eldest son over to the shop and he came home with the complete opposite to what I had asked him to get – I asked him to get meringue and he came home with bread WTH right? how… Read more »

Pick Me Pick Me!

I posted the below yesterday in my business group Hustle and Juggle – the good, the bad and the Ugly but thought I would share on blog too as I’m sure there are others this could help…anyway here goes don’t be the one to make this mistake… “I posted in a couple of groups today looking… Read more »

5 Social Media Do’s – Keep it Simple!

A few Social Media tips to help you along! Whichever platform you are using I believe the following Do’s will create the right visibility for your business. The problem I hear a lot is many overthinking what they should be posting which in turn stops them from posting at all, I believe the best thing… Read more »