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5 Social Media Do’s – Keep it Simple!

A few Social Media tips to help you along! Whichever platform you are using I believe the following Do’s will create the right visibility for your business. The problem I hear a lot is many overthinking what they should be posting which in turn stops them from posting at all, I believe the best thing… Read more »

6 Ways That Helps Keep Me Confident

We all have periods of doubt and days where we just feel bleugh, it happens to us all. So I’m sharing with you 6 ways that helps keep me confident and showing up in business #hustleandjuggle – Justle!!! 1. Remember your WHY I know its cliche but I always visit “WHY” I do what I do… Read more »

6 Ways to Leave a Positive Impression When Business Networking!

Oh I’ve been meaning to write this blog for sometime now having attended a business networking event where a lovely lady shoved me her business card, told me her name and then turned on her heels and she was off, I’ll leave it to you to guess what happened to said business card!   Now… Read more »

3 Great Sites for Social Media Scheduling

3 Great Sites for Social Media Scheduling With the ongoing need to be VISIBILE and SHOW UP and be relevant as much as you can on social media to attract, keep in touch and engage with your target audience, brand awareness…..this list goes on and it’s a daily effort. With that in mind I’m sharing… Read more »

3 Great Sites for Free Stock Images

3 Great Sites for Free Stock Images With the ongoing need for images for social media and blog posts, I’m sharing with you my 3 favourites sites for FREE stock images. If you haven’t got a large library of pictures of your own then these sites are a fantastic tool for finding the images that… Read more »

12 Social Media Quotes To Remind You Just How To Be Social!

12 Social Media Quotes To Remind You Just How To Be Social! To me social media means just that, to be social and with automation the “social” lines seem to have been blurred. Here are 12 great social media quotes not to forget, the worst thing you could do is turn into an auto bot!… Read more »

Take Care of You!

Take Care of You! When you’re busy running a business and juggling life it can be easy to forget one of the most important things that is going to help you keep visible and present in both and that is to look after YOURSELF! Here are some simple tips from my expert business friends. Rachel… Read more »

No One Likes Spam Even Glamorous Spam

No One Likes Spam Even Glamorous Spam I know this having spoken to a number of business owners over the last few weeks about this very subject, it’s very clear to me that everyone is getting a little bit sick of all the Social Media noise at the moment, too much promotion going on at… Read more »