Don’t Give Them A Digestive When They Want A Custard Cream

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Don’t Give Them A Digestive When They Want A Custard Cream!

How often are you speaking to your potential clients?

When was the last time you spent time getting to know your target audiences likes, dislikes, wants and needs so your marketing hits home.

  • What do they like?
  • What do they dislike?
  • What do they need?
  • What do they want?

There’s no point trying to sell them a digestive biscuit when what they really want is a custard cream! The only way to obtain this information is by taking time to get to know them. You will save yourself an awful lot of time in the long run and you will eventually find yourself not chasing your own tail when it comes to your marketing – so if you haven’t done it for a long time, now is the time to speak to your audience to obtain the information you need in order for your marketing to stay inline with what’s relevant to them here and now.

This can be done via (not in a order of preference):

  • Running a survey
  • E-Marketing campaign
  • Using your Social Media platforms to ask them questions
  • Picking up the phone to them
  • Dare I say it step away from the laptop and go and meet them

Once you are fully informed of their likes, dislikes, wants and needs (whether they want a digestive or a custard cream) you can then use this information within your marketing, you can use the power of words to show:

  • How you can help them
  • How you can solve the problems they may be having
  • How you can meet the needs of their requirements

From your research of getting to know your audience you will know how and when to give them the custard cream that they were after and you will also know when the time is right to give them the digestive your were offering in the first place.

Give them the biscuit that they want at the right time!

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Love, Dee

Written by Dee

Dee has 20 years experience-starting out in the corporate world of business support and for the past 7 years she has successfully run her own business, whilst juggling family life as a wife and mummy to 3. She's here to support you every step of the way to grow your business, motivating and inspiring you to be Seen, be Heard and be Remembered just by being you!


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