Your Business Is As Fit And Strong As You Are

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Your Business Is As Fit And Strong As You Are!

Some of the most successful CEOs in the world keep their fitness levels high. Dick Costolo, 51 year-old CEO of Twitter is into Crossfit workouts. Richard Branson’s tip on how to be more productive is “Work out”. You can read about other CEOs here and here.

I’ve shared with you about these successful entrepreneurs to understand that if they do it, if they have time to do it, if they can make the time to do it, then so should you and so can you.  There are many different ways you can incorporate fitness into your routine when you are juggling business and life.

There is no way around it. Mind and body are connected. Sure, you can say that even if the body is paralyzed the mind still works. Yes, that is true. But how does the mind work? Do you think that a paralyzed body will have no impact on the mind? Well it does. But this is not the topic of this article.

Mind and body are connected. Even the great Tony Robbins says that when you feel fit and strong you can take on any challenge, you are more focused and productive.

But wait, do you need to swim lengths around Necker Island as Richard Branson does? Or take on cross fit or cover yourself in mud at obstacle course races? No, unless that is what you want.

So what can you do?

1. Set goals that matters

Do you know why most people fail to lose weight? Because most people find it difficult to choose a path and keep at it until they get the results they want. But why can’t they be consistent? Simply because weight loss is not their goal.

Their goal is the answer to the question “why do you want to lose weight?”. And unless it’s a deep, meaningful, even emotional reason, weight loss is a very, very difficult task, especially because it always, always fluctuates. It goes up and down, and so disappointment kicks in and people give up.

Thus have a goal that once reached no one can take it back, it cannot fluctuate. Registering for a 5k, or practicing a sport where you need to learn, grade, develop, is ideal.

Because these goals will never fluctuate, you will achieve more and more, you will be motivated more and more, you will be consistent and reach weight loss goals as well if that’s what you want on the surface.

2. Exercise on the go

Wherever you are, and whatever you do, almost, you can practice a type of exercise. You Take the stairs – it’s a classic, but it’s a classic because it works

  • Pick up a shopping basket instead of pushing a trolley when you do your groceries
  • Use your shopping bags as weight and practice lateral raises, front raises or biceps curls
  • Walk to the grocery shop and back home – especially when you don’t have time, it will force you to walk faster, you can actually get a good cardio workout
  • Squat every time you sit and stand up – in fact if you keep you back straight when you sit down and stand up (as you should) you actually do a squat, imagine how many squats you will perform by the end of a working day
  • The stairs: every time you go up and down the stairs in your house, stop and do a press-up (or more) at the top and at the bottom

3. Accountability

Join a class, hire a personal trainer, go out with a friend. When you know you have to be somewhere, at a certain time, and someone is waiting for you will go. Furthermore (and you won’t like this) when you invest money, as you would with a Personal Trainer, you will be even more committed, because, of course, you want to get you money worth. You may or may not agree but it’s the reality.

4. Commit to yourself

Finally, this is not about your Personal Trainer, your friend, or your teacher, or instructor, it’s about YOU.

You have to commit first to yourself, to respect your training time, respect your body, it’s the only one you were born with and will live in until the end. Finally commitment because respecting yourself first.

Be and stay healthy, fit and strong. You owe it to yourself, you owe it to your family, your children, your friends, your business success and the next generations you will influence through what you do.

I hope that what I wrote in this short article made you aware that productivity, focus and success lies on more than just paperwork, social media and clients. It relies on you, your physical body, your mind and your heart (which, by the way, is a muscle that can be trained to be stronger).

What changes will you make today to make both yourself and your business stronger?

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Love, Dee

Written by Alexandra Merisoiu

Alexandra is known as The Body Engineer and is the founder of The Merisoiu Technique Institute Of Health And Natural Human Movement™. She works with entrepreneurs, men and women, and re-engineers how the body functions to run like clockwork. This is done through building lasting foundations and a fit, strong and powerful body through Natural Movement in the Natural Environment. Her mission is to challenge the status quo to enable people to reach their goals. This is done through building strong, lasting foundations in the natural outdoor environment; reducing the risk of injuries and educating people on the power of the fundamentals of Natural Human Movement™.


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