Hustle and Juggle With Mette Theilmann


Mette Theilmann


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How long have you been doing the Hustle and Juggle?

Since 2009.

What is the Juggle to your Hustle?

Finding the right balance between business growth and family commitments and myself (I tend to my own needs last) but also my good friends

Tell me more about your business?

I sat up ParentingSuccess Coaching Ltd ™ in 2009 as I have a passion for parenting and love supporting parents to become the best parent they can be. For the moment I love to work with working families as working full time and raising a family can be hard.

What is your Hustle and Juggle story?

It was really hard when I had a physical disabled son and then my other son had another special needs. I was fighting a lot to keep one physically alive and the other mentally alive but they are the most amazing kids and are doing so well and happy and well balance despite wheelchairs and medication – I am so proud. It makes me cry from happiness now but back then OMG I was sad.

I now also support families with special needs kids.   There have been challenges in my work, it was really hard when one person I thought would be my business partner took my concept and sat up her own competitive company – I look back and smile at that experience as she didn’t make it.

What’s your message to anyone reading this to inspire them to keep going and remain visible?

There is NO failure – only success and learning.  Be the best YOU can be, don’t compare to others.

If like Mette you are Hustling & Juggling and would like to share your story with others please find out how you can do so here. I would love to hear from you, these interviews really are inspiring others.  You can also pick up a mug of inspiration by visiting the Justle Shop here.

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Love, Dee

Written by Dee

Dee has 20 years experience-starting out in the corporate world of business support and for the past 7 years she has successfully run her own business, whilst juggling family life as a wife and mummy to 3. She's here to support you every step of the way to grow your business, motivating and inspiring you to be Seen, be Heard and be Remembered just by being you!


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