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How long have you been doing the Hustle and Juggle?

10 years!

What is the Juggle to your Hustle?

I have the blessed life of juggling business with 3 boys (1 of them being my husband), 2 dogs and of course I never miss a day of training.

Tell me more about your business?

I completed my Life Coach certification way back in 2006 and have been coaching full-time ever since. My coaching has undergone many transformations during this time, and so has my clientele. From start-up businesses to corporate executives, couples to children. You name them, I’ve coached them. I have loved the journey and have thoroughly enjoyed each niche whilst focusing on them. That has brought me to the point where I find myself now – coaching powerhouse women globally and loving every second! I’m an Achievement Coach who work with women who are ready to give fear the finger and thrive. If you can believe it, I can help you achieve it.

What is your Hustle and Juggle story?

As an entrepreneur I’m not sure you ever reach a stage where you stop crying or laughing. I guess if you do you’re doing something wrong as we normally learn the most during our times of crying.

For me the most recent would be moving to another country where the currency was completely different from South Africa which is where I’m from. I had no idea that it would have such a big impact on me! I’ve always been successful in business yet when I moved, my wealth consciousness went around the block! A few times.

It was months of frustration, tears, yelling “What is wrong with me?”, working with coaches, talking to friends, having some serious conversations with God for me to get to a point where I finally decided to stop looking for what was wrong with me and start looking for what was right with me. I went back to basics – doing my affirmations, EFT, journaling, devouring books on wealth consciousness and attending every seminar that I could find. Things started looking up until I had a really stupid fight with my husband and BAM! I felt like the rug was pulled out from under me. All of a sudden emails started coming in of offers declined. It took me an entire 30 seconds before reaching for the tissues box and finding myself back to “What is wrong with me???”

Thank Peanut Butter I’m a savvy BossBabe who knows that when the feathers hit the fan, you phone a girlfriend. In no time she had me laughing, pushing back my shoulders, and saying “Hell yes, I can do this!” Next day I closed $10000.00 in sales.

What’s your message to anyone reading this to inspire them to keep going and remain visible?

The best advise my mom ever gave me was when my oldest was only 2 months old and wouldn’t stop crying. She looked me in the eyes and said “This too shall pass”. These words have kept me going in life and business no matter what! Time stands still for no one which means whatever is happening in this moment will eventually become history. Enjoy the ride!

If like Anel you are Hustling & Juggling and would like to share your story with others please find out how you can do so here. I would love to hear from you.

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Love, Dee

Written by Dee

Dee has 20 years experience-starting out in the corporate world of business support and for the past 7 years she has successfully run her own business, whilst juggling family life as a wife and mummy to 3. She's here to support you every step of the way to grow your business, motivating and inspiring you to be Seen, be Heard and be Remembered just by being you!


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