3 Great Sites for Free Stock Images

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3 Great Sites for Free Stock Images

With the ongoing need for images for social media and blog posts, I’m sharing with you my 3 favourites sites for FREE stock images.

If you haven’t got a large library of pictures of your own then these sites are a fantastic tool for finding the images that you need and you can copy, modify and distribute them as you wish (but do check the T & C’s for each site).

Now there is one MAHOOSIVE downside to using free stock image sites and that is others will be using them too for exactly the same reasons as you. It’s important you put some effort in once you’ve downloaded your imags by adding your own stamp to them, this could be adding your branding, your logo, tag lines, filters, cropping or changing the sizes to suit you needs. This can easily be done using picture editing sites Pic Monkey or Canva to name a few.

So here are the 3 sites:

1. Pexels – a collection of pictures from different photographers.

2. Pixabay – the same as above, a collection of pictures from different photographers.

3. Gratisography – I’ve only recently started using this one, all images are taken by photographer Ryan McGuire, fun and quirky these images really stand out.

Get eyes on you by making an impact with your social media and blog posts by using fantastic images you have searched for and edited to represent you, it’s no secret posts with great visuals get better engagement (after live video and video), so until you build up a photo library of your own make use of these sites as a great VISIBILITY tool.

If you are unsure of what images you should be using that are right for you, your brand and your message then please do get in touch to see how I can help you.

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Love, Dee

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