4 Simple Social Media Tips

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4 Simple Social Media Tips!

I get to meet some fantastic business owners all of the time, some with a similar business focus to mine and others not but are still fabulous all the same.  I spoke to a couple recently regarding their tips for Social Media and it was lovely to see we were all on the same page, so here are some simple Social Media tips from some of my friends in business!

2 Tips from Emma-Louise Smith of Emma-Louise Smith Copywriter are:

Tip 1

  • Don’t try to do too much. Work within your limits at a level you can maintain consistently even at your busiest. Better to do one Social Media platform really well than try to be on all platforms sporadically

Tip 2

  • Sharing useful, non-promotional content will help build your reputation as a trusted source, build your know, like and trust factor.  Facebook prioritises this kind of content over sales messages.

2 Tips from Joanne McGowan of the Guildford Business Hub are:

  • Know where your audience hangs out. There is no point spending hours on linked in if your customers are all on Instagram.
  • The social part of social media is really important. By all means schedule up content so you have consistent content about your brand but get on and interact in real time daily.

I completely agree wholeheartedly with the above, it’s so important to get your Social Media right to attract the right ideal clients for you and these tips will save you time.

You will find some of my own simple tips Social Media Tips here:

5 Social Media Do’s

5 Social Media Don’ts

If you are feeling stuck with your visibility across your Social Media Platforms, struggling to find your on-line voice to stand out from the rest? then please get in touch I’m here to help you!


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