National Toast Day? Whoever Knew!

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These days, there’s a day for everything and yes there is a National Toast Day it’s the 23rd February, don’t want you losing sleep wondering when it is!!!

National awareness days can be an excellent Marketing and PR tool for small businesses.  Once the domain of the USA in recent years they’ve become popular across the world, and even expanded to incorporate whole months, covering more serious subjects such as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, being every October.

Popular examples of National Awareness days include International Women’s Day and World Book Day, as well as fun and frankly downright wacky days including:

  • Dress Up Your Pet Day
  • Talk Like a Pirate Day
  • Winnie the Pooh Day
  • Let Out Your Inner Geek Day

Why not throw your cereal box out of the window on the first Saturday during February because its Ice Cream for Breakfast Day!! The day apparently came into being when a New Yorker called Florence Rappaport became fed up with her children complaining of being bored because it was too cold to go outside. To make them feel better about the freezing weather, she let them eat ice cream for breakfast.

Her children reminded her of it the following year, the tradition had been born! Her grandchildren then carried on the ice cream baton and spread the word. Celebrations are now held worldwide and it’s become especially popular in Israel. Who knew?

If you have 5 mins, why not dive right into history with website On This and learn all about the strangest medieval past events that took place, on the day of your search!

As a business dabbling with social media, an awareness day can present a story for you to engage with your target audience.

To really leverage a national awareness day or month for your business, it’s important to plan ahead, what day can you really make the most of that ties in with your business and your target audience? you could create a whole social media campaign around this one day alone.

If you work within the health industry for example, its worth knowing that World Health Day takes place on 7th April and we can all celebrate International Women’s Day on 8th March this year.

Consider how you can creatively use branded images or video to chat about a day close to your heart.

To really get marketing and  PR value from national awareness days, you need two calendars. A national awareness day calendar to plan which days are the best fit for your business. As well as a social media calendar, so you can plan creative content in advance and make sure you always have high quality, informative and beneficial information to share.

Thank you to Juliet Wheater of Scarlett PR for your guest contribution on this blog. Should you wish to download a calendar which marks all the UK’s national awareness days please see Scarlett PR’s home page, go and find out the date for National Chocolate Pudding Day you know you want to!!! –

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