Stop Wishing For More Likes And Start Focusing On What’s Important

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It’s just a number and quality over quantity is key!

A huge following is great and there’s no denying that it does look more appealing, the same way I prefer to look at a lovely pair of high heeled shoes as opposed to a comfy looking pair of flats but the most important thing when it comes to social media is not how many follows/likes you have, it’s to be clear on your offering, giving value and inspiration, helping others and engaging. There is no point in having thousands of likes, followers, connections if they are not clear on what you offer or are not interested in your service or products, for Facebook especially 1. it’s a waste of your organic reach and 2. If you are paying to boost your posts it’s a waste of your marketing budget…epic fail on both accounts.

I’ve blogged before about my thoughts on “like” ladders and it hurts my eyes to still see people participating in them, like chocolate is for me they are very tempting and it’s easy to get carried away but just know in the long run if you indulge your following will grow but it will do nothing but damage your page visibility to the correct people, the same way if I continue to indulge in chocolate like there’s a shortage my waistline is going to be damaged just in time for Summer…so stop!!!!

Anyway if you are worrying about your “small” following it’s time to change your focus and I encourage you to concentrate on:

  • Giving value
  • Educating
  • Engaging with your current followers
  • Networking in groups / building relationships
  • Being persistent and consistent with your message, values and branding.

Focus on what’s important – building a brand, relationships and engagement, not “collecting” likes.

If you are a physical product based business then rather than continually do buy from me posts, inspire your current followers by showing them how they can be used, show pictures of others using your products. If you are a service based business be helpful and educate this will help to create engagement and build a loyal following that WILL increase.

So get over yourself and forget about numbers and concentrate on what’s important and the RIGHT following and likes will come.

Keep going and if you need support then please do get in touch!

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Love, Dee

Written by Dee

Dee has 20 years experience-starting out in the corporate world of business support and for the past 7 years she has successfully run her own business, whilst juggling family life as a wife and mummy to 3. She's here to support you every step of the way to grow your business, motivating and inspiring you to be Seen, be Heard and be Remembered just by being you!


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