Visibility Audit

A powerful audit of your current social media marketing and website and a plan to be SEEN.

Social Media and Website

Being Visible is a necessity for business growth, you simply won't attract clients if your not getting your visibility right!

Many businesses think they are being visible because they've ticked the boxes for having a website and "being" on Facebook but it's simply not enough.

  • Yes you maybe posting to Facebook, Tweeting on Twitter and the rest, Blogging, Vlogging, Newsletters, Networking...the list continues BUT is the message clear?
  • Yes you may have a fabulous looking website BUT is it performing as it should be?
  • Are you posting on social media but hearing crickets?
  • Are you lacking confidence to post or tweet?
  • Are you spending hours fannying around on social media and getting nowhere?
  • Is your website visible but not being found?
  • Is your website a true reflection of you and your business values?
  • Is your website credible and professional?

The aim of the Visibility Audit is to get you on track or back on track with your social media marketing, ensuring you are saying the right things to attract the right clients consistently and to ensure your website is performing as it should be.

Included in the Audit

(For 2x Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn and Website)

  • Social media consistency assessment
  • Social media content assessment
  • Social media frequency assessment
  • Website design and content assessment
  • Website technical and SEO assessment
  • Visibility Report to get you on track
  • Social Media Planner - Editable
  • Social Media Tracker – to track your social media growth